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Nostradamus - Future Predictions

"Rain, famine and war will not cease in Persia (Iran) Religious fanaticism - and too great a trust in his allies -will betray the Shah, Whose end was planned and conceived in France"(C1,Q70)

"The Arab prince, inclined towards Persia, Very nearly one million men will invade Byzantium [Turkey] and Egypt." (C5,Q25)

The Antichrist will first take over Iran by deposing the Ayatollah, and there he will install a puppet dictator who will in his turn be assassinated, but by then the damage will be done for under the guise of his puppet the Antichrist will sweep down though Iraq and Egypt and unite Northern Africa. He will also control Asia via a series of puppet dictators that he has installed, which, to the rest of the world, will seem freely elected.

The assassination of the second pope is the cue for the start of the Antichristís campaign to conquer Europe. He will wage his war at first by threatening Europeís Cultural centres, not the physical destruction of the whole populace. To start with he will destroy the Catholic Church, by revealing documents that were suppressed in the Vatican library.

During military struggles in the Middle East one of the combatants will get hold of nuclear weapons, and will launch a bomb into the Mediterranean by mistake. This destroys all of its sea-life and much of the sea faring power of the southern European nations.

"Troops will approach from Russia. The Destroyer will ruin the ancient city (Paris) Italy will be destroyed"(C2,Q96)

The Mediterranean free, Moslem armies invade France, Greece, Italy and Spain. At this point Russia enters the war by invading northern Europe, and will destroy Paris.

When Western leaders intervene to protect oil supplies the antichrist launches nuclear bombs on Europe. The Antichrist also launches bombs at New York and will follow these up with a bacteriological assault on both New York and London.

In short the western world as we know it will be ravaged by a war that will last three years and seven months. In this time nuclear weapons will be unleashed by both sides creating a nuclear winter so savage that most of the earthís present life will perish.

However it is not all bad news. Apparently, after this war has burnt itself out then what is left of the world will see a new consciousness. Such people as there are, bored of fighting and war will seek peace, and the world will be beautiful again.


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