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Adding a File Type to the 'New' Menu

When you right-click on the desktop or in Windows Explorer, the New menu lists many options of registered file types. Clicking on any of these creates a blank file of that type. You can add more items to the New menu.

1. In the program that creates the file type you wish to add, create a blank document with any preferences you wish to use and save it.

2. Copy this file to \Windows\ShellNew ? this is a hidden folder.

3. Start the Registry Editor.

4. Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT and locate the extension for the file type you wish to add to the New menu.

5. Right-click and click on New > Key from the context menu. Name it ShellNew.

6. Within this key, create a String Value and name it FileName.

7. Double-click the string and modify it to be the filename of the blank template you created, including the extension.

8. Exit the registry editor and restart Windows.