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Hi Guys !

Here are a few tips to optimize your computer ....

A Clean Registry

Adding a File type to the New menu

Arrow-free Shortcuts

Associations in a Jiffy

Automatic Logon

Back to old Ways

Bitmap as Icon

Cascading menus on Start menu

Changing the Typical role of your Computer

Clean Desktop

Clean RUN

Connecting time Speedup

Customize the Start menu

Direct Memory Access

Disabling Win98 Tooltips

Dummy Entries in Add/Remove

F8 free Startup

Icon Spacing and Resizing

Instant Startup or Shutdown

Modem Speedup

MSOffice Memory Hoggers

Opening files with Multiple Programs

Optimise the Win98 Registry

Optimise the Swap File

Preview Images

Preview Media

Reclaim CD-ROM Cache


Stay Connected

System Configuration

Tracing the Route

Windows 98 Easter Egg




Feel free to mail in your comments/suggestions ....